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The Medicated Child

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In this edition of Frontline families that have kids with bipolar disorder are interviewed and also the kids as they live there everyday lives. Also Doctors and experts in the field of Mental Health Treatment also give there views.

Selfish Teachers and Kids That Are Too Young

They talk about teachers wanting to put 4 year old kids on medicine because there impulsive but thats part of being a kid. its really just so the teachers job can be easier.

Are the Medicines Designed More For Profit Rather Than Treatment?

Also the medicines like all medicines can have side effects and then kids start getting prescribed another medicine for other medicines side effects. Its like the medicine designed is more in favor of the Pharmaceutical Companies to make more profits as the side effects of medicines themselves give the companies more an excuse to prescribe another medicine.

When Is Too Much Medicine Obvious?Duh

One kid in the documentry looks drugged out of his mind and is obviously on too much medicine and what bothers me is what is it going to do to kids like this whos brains are still developing. It seems like they would lower the meds on such a kid as he constantly looks tired in the dvd and may have even got a permanent problem from so much medicine as you will notice if you watch.

More Valid Information Please

They talk about the studies and reasons for putting kids on meds for bipolar disorder and are much too willing to do so when the research doesn't have enough solid information. It was more like a recommendation but that was enough of a reason for doctors to rush and prescribe more medicine. If a recommendation was the other way around and said not to prescribe more medication it would be on deaf ears when compared to a excuse to prescribe.

Further on in the show a well established study is conducted on kids taking Anti-Depressants. It goes on to tell the conclusion of studies of kids on anti-depressants.

Was I surprised About the Anti-Depressant Study?

I wasn't really surprised about the studies considering kids are still developing and have not yet fully mature.

Another Sad Story To Congress To Pass More Laws

I really see the delicate balance of the situation when it comes to the studies that were done on kids taking anti-depressants. It just shows how public backlash on something bad can make good intentions worse later on.

Have Skipping or Lowering the Medication Dosage Temperarily Crossed Someones Mind?

This thought comes to mind when hearing about a tragedy in the show. Common sense tells me to lower or skip the dose at least temporarily for someone who can hardly walk due to so much medicine being in their system. I've heard about something like this being fatal on more than one occassion

My View On Children Be Medicated

My view personally is many kids being medicated(not all)are just going through the peroid of physical development and its a phase rather than a behavior problem. Maybe I'm wrong as I don't claim to be an expert on this matter.


Why all these behavior medicines on so many children? Is it because the world is moving so fast that a quick fix Is more suitable? Maybe we need to slow down. Have kids really changed that much to be so medicated? I know generations ago(or at least I heard, lol) when such meds were not used on kids and the world was a more simple and was not as much as a go, go, go place spanking and discipline were used instead, but of course now its against the law(basicly)so pills are much more the alternative.

Ways of Improvement

Towards the end of the documentry its shows something that can clearly improve results when it comes to kids with mood disorders. I think the way to improve and have better treatment is easily convinceing and should be done.

Its Not Just the Kids Who Deal With the Problem

Watching the documentry I start to have sympathy for the parents as they deal with the problem just like their kids with mood disorders.

More Options Could Provide Better Treatments

Whats also bothersome is doctors not just in the mental health profession but also overall are trained to prescribe Pharmaceutical Drugs only. I do believe such drugs are better than natural alternatives when an illness is seroius enough but it shouldn't be enforced for doctors to only prescribe such powerful medicines. Then again if such rules were not enforced who knows what some doctors would be recommending. "He recOmmends what? Hes not all there, lol."


The human brain is very complex and finding the best treatments for things such as bipolar or other mental disorders remains one of the most challenging goals in the medical field.