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The Microphone That Looks Like A Stick

Reviewing: Cyber Acoustics Cvl 1064 Desktop Stand Microphone  |  Rating:
Brad Carroll By Brad Carroll on
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If you're tired of your cell phone bills then you may want to think about getting a phone through Skype or Yahoo, or else using lots of voice chat. Especially if you have a laptop that you take everywhere with you.

The only 'phone' service I use now is through Yahoo. Legally it is not a phone service but it works pretty much like one. I'm sure you can find other providers, too, so please don't think this is an advertisement for Yahoo. BUT the y-phone is realiable and inexpensive--one cent a minute for calls in the U.S.--and this mike is a great part of a cheap phone solution.

With tax it should cost around ten bucks at your local Wal-Mart. I know Wal-Mart is a big evil corporation, but it's the only place I buy my socks and underwear. And I got this great little 'phone there, too, and it's all I need for a "telephone"mouthpiece.

One advantage of this over the thirty dollar Logitech headset I was using is that you don't have to fumble around and plug it in like you do the headset. As soon as you get a call, you can start talking. Headsets can be nice, but for the purposes of receiving calls, it's much better to just turn your speakers up and keep the microphone plugged in. Plus, the thing doesn't take up much desk space.

So for twenty-three bucks you can get this microphone and a phone number and 1000 minutes U.S. from Yahoo (but it's only 750 if you're going to be calling China. Which you probably won't be doing much.). And you won't have to buy this piece again unless you throw it on the ground and step on it (which you shouldn't have any reason to do, unlike some other pieces of electronic equipment you might have owned). I say go for it.