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The Military Strategy Game Returns On The Ds!

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Advance Wars DS is the third installment in the Advance Wars series (in the US at least) and the first installment on the Nintendo DS. The series is well known for being one of the best turn-based military strategy games around. You have the good army and the bad army. As the good army, it is your job to strategically order troops and tanks to take the bad army down.

The graphics are pretty solid, but nothing that'll make your jaw drop. The areas are varied, the characters look ok. Just nothing really special. Most of the action takes place on the bottom while the top is used to tell you the various statistics involved with the current battle, or the statistics of a specific unit. You can either control and move your units with the touch-screen/stylus or with the standard pad/buttons like the previous games. Choose whatever feels more comfortable. New to this game are the two-front battles which take advantage of the DS's two screens. It's basically doing two battles at once. If one side is lacking in soldiers, the other side can send some over for support. It definitely adds a new level of strategy to the formula. The game is a little easier than the previous installments, but that doesn't mean it isn't difficult. If you liked the others, pick this one up.