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The Mist, The Book, Will Eat Away Your Courage

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dade By dade on
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Stephen King, is King. I have read almost everything the man has ever published. If I had one burning question to ask of him, it would be, "Where did you ever find all the time to write everything?"

I saw a preview "teaser" on TV a couple of weeks ago, for "The Mist". They finally made it into a major motion picture. It got my attention, immediately. Sometimes the movie treatments of King's stories don't translate well to the big screen.

I read this Novella, from my dad's copy of "Skeleton Crew". This was another compilation of Mr. King's short stories and "The Mist" was one of these in the collection. It was my favorite and scared me to death.

I called up dad, he couldn't find the book. In fact he told me, I was the last one to borrow it. Yeah, right. Well, I did not have his "Skeleton Crew", so I went online to Amazon and found, "The Mist", was now it's own book. I ordered it.

It had been so long since I read the short story, version. I remembered the general premise, the plot; but the color in my mind had faded. I wanted to read it again.

I hope the movie does this book justice. With King, the story is always better than the movie.

Imagine yourself, shopping at Lowe's, when a dense fog moves in. This fog is no ordinary fog, it has more than a few surprises hidden in it. We are not talking about the undead, these surprises are things, your imagination can not fill in the blanks with. They are deadly and terrifying to everyone. It is a whole new ballgame, even Rob Zombie never considered.

Everyone is bickering within the store. As some try to deal with this new twist on things, in a rational way, others become irrational and form splinter groups. In the end, everyone is effected and the body count begins to reach out of these pages and suck you into a very shocking ordeal, you could never have dreamed of; without King, getting inside of your head.

Now I know why I wanted to read, "The Mist" again. It has been about 10 days now, and I still can't turn off the night light I borrowed from my son's bedroom.