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The Most Advanced Phone In The World.

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By mrmac208 on
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I have always been a fan of the iPhone. As a matter of fact, i've been a fan of apple products for many years. I had the first iPhone. It was okay. It lacked some of the major features that most major phones have today. MMS, Copy and Paste, 3rd party app support, etc. Then the iPhone 3G was announced. This changed the whole ball game. iPhone 3G finally offered the 3G speed that most power users had been craving for ages. It also had a new sleek design that was virtually dent proof (though it can crack as it is plastic). But the biggest innovation I found was the App Store. The App Store allows 3rd party developers to create and sell their own apps from a convenient and highly accessible marketplace that was available to anyone with an iPhone or an iPod Touch. I was first in line to get the phone opening day July 11, 2008, and I don't regret the hours of standing in line. Then on July 8th, 2009, apple announced the release of the iPhone 3.0 software update. This aloud developers to create applications that supported 3rd party hardware. It also included amazing features, that frankly should have been there in the first place, such as cut, copy, and paste, MMS messaging, a voice memos app, spotlight search, shake to shuffle iPod, push notifications, and many more features. This is seriously the best phone I've ever had.

Common misconceptions:


Yes I do admit that it does take some getting used to, after two weeks of solid, steady use, the iPhone become one of the fastest texting devices known to man!


As long as you don't drop it in the toilet or run it over with you car, if you have a case, your phone probably wont break.

The only thing, at least in the US, that sucks is AT&T. But, I will leave that for another review.