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Reviewing: Apple Ipod Touch 3g 32gb  |  Rating:
By iamgood on
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It is a pleasure having the ipod touch 3g 32gb. This ipod is the best mp3 player yet. It can surf the internet, you can play games on it, watch videos, and play music (obviously). This is the first type of ipod I got, but i already had mp3 players before this and let me tell you this, apple has revolutionized the ipod greatly throughout the years. The touch screen is really efficient, the interface is easy to use, the music is really good quality. The only thing I didn't like a lot was the battery life. 24 hours of music may seem like a lot, but if you are going on a camping trip without a charger, it is horrible. I would like to see the ipod improve on that aspect.

Other than that, the ipod is a must have mp3 player whether it is for using the apps, playing games, surfing the internet, and listening to music, the ipod is efficient. Sometimes, when apple makes an update, it revolutionizes whatever the ipod can do. I heard that a new update will soon have multitasking. This is really great for an ipod touch because you can now do whatever you want. The storage was really big. I was considering buying an ipod touch 8gb, but I thought it was too small so I bought a 32g one. Let me tell you this, the 32g is more than enough to store all your songs, videos, whatever on it.

The apple ipod is a step up from competition from anywhere else. If you are considering buying an mp3 player, this is the one you should get. No doubts about it. Though the price tag is a bit pricey, it is not that bad for an ipod that can do so many things. It is definitely worth it.

Update On May 02, 2010: I have some additional information I would like to get out to all of you. The Internet function of the iPod is the one that I most adore. It is really easy to navigate and is like a second computer to me. Whenever someone is using home computer, u go on mi iPod touch because it is really great. You can download apps and everything too from your iPod. I quod like to see the iPod load speed get a bit faster but other than that, the Internet function is great. Also, I would like to write about app quality. As you know, there are a lot of junk apps out there that cost money but some are free and are very high quality. The app selection is great, I mean there is an app for everything you can imagine. I hope that one day, I can get a mac and develop some apps myself. I would like that but unforunately, I do not have enough money right now. So here is an update that I really wanted to add.thank you to all that voted and viewed this review.

Update On May 05, 2010: One of the revolutionary things about the iPod is that it was one of the first iPods tonget a touchscreen. The touchscreen made everything so much better. Everything was more accesable by enabling the touchscreen on an iPod. One touch of the screen could bring up the music section or the video section. Games were revolutionized also by enabling a touchscreen. Now you can touch and drag instead of using a clickwheel. The touchscreen section of the iPod touch is truly amazing.