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The Mother Of All Movies!

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but not... Deux!

Ok, I'm a bit of an admitted goof.

Well, maybe more than I admit...

I love this movie, one of the few parody flicks I actually enjoyed. And now quite hard to find, short of a direct hit to amazon, I'm still not that big of an on-line shopper.

1991, Writer/director Jim Abrahams once again straffing every politically correct bone he can whack with a slap-stick.

At the time, young brat packers still breaking out of the breakfast club, making their chops in celluloid; Charlie Sheen, John Cryer (sound familiar?) Cary Elwes (anybody got a Princess or even a SAW?), filling out a cast headed up by an American legend in his own mind, and Sire of an acting empire still rolling today, Lloyd Bridges. Careful scrutiny will uncover lots more now familiar talent throughout the cast.

For me it was an unbeatable recipe of laughter that still pulls giggles today. The cast chemistry is nearly unmatched with rapid-fire zingers, guffaws, and physical comedy seamlessly woven in charming ridiculousness! Having been on stage or lens side a time or two in my day, I know it ain't easy! And people laugh at me all the time! Not really sure what that means...

Toss in a healthy dose of sultry, and may I say vivacious Valeria Golino (where did she go?!); another master comedian, and it's impossible to keep a straight face.

A tad "robust" for younger audiences in my opinion, say PG-16?, still an all time side splitter.

Top Gun, Saddam, Dances with..., Reaganomics, Deer Hunting, tall hair, and even chaffing dishes aren't safe from this hilarious petard. If you like to laugh and any of the points have ever been a part of your life, it's a sure fire don't miss.

and No, I'm not joking, if I was i would have said something like an elephant and a Rabi walk into a bar..

A little cyber snooping can pick this up anywhere from $2(re-pack) to $15+(new).

Update On Nov 16, 2008: Upon writing this review I have learned Mr.Abrahams and family have had some startling succes in treating their son's severe epilepsy, if it's a concern in your life, give it a look!