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The Motorola W385 Is So Tasty.

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Jacob Pavone By Jacob Pavone on
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I've had this phone for nearly two years and I can say myself that this phone is invincible. You can say that about a lot of phones, but this is the only "invincible" phone that I wouldn't mind owning forever. I am in love.

It's a decent-sized phone, very thin when it's opened up and when closed it's no thicker than the width of my finger. It's not by any means too small, though. It's large enough to fit my head nicely (earpiece and reciever matching up) and has a very clear display. The buttons fit my fingers great and snazzy, even in gloves. This makes dialing or texting or gaming comfortable even during harsh weather. It's not quite as wide and ugly as the RAZR, but not as thin either. It's simply perfect.

The keypad itself is a bit of a bugger. The buttons are sized well as I stated above, but actually pressing them can become a chore. They're very hard buttons, I could certainly go with a bit of a touchier keypad. The buttons are resistant enough to get my fingers sore very quick.

This phone's display is of a decent size and resolution, everything's fairly appealing to look at, but it's nothing above average in this area.

There aren't many features on this phone you couldn't find on any others. It's got usual games, bluetooth connectivity, speakerphone, camera and a sound recorder, but it doesn't take videos and you can't set recorded sounds as ringtones. The games available are fairly basic, no 3D here. If you're looking for a high-powered phone loaded with gimmicks, this isn't for you. This is for anyone who needs to call or text people, the two most crucial features of any cell phone.

I said earlier how this phone is impervious. It is. I'm not too gentle when it comes to my phones, this one has lasted longer than any other I've owned. I've had it sitting in mud puddles over night, talked on it in the rain, threw it in the dryer (on accident of course), had things smash into it while in my pocket, and it was able to take all this better than Chuck Norris could.

As far as being pretty to look at, this phone is stunning. It's primarily a matte black with a bit of silver, nothing too fancy. There's a small LCD display on the top that shows the time and general things such as missed calls or a low battery. This phone has a very hard, masculine look to it while still keeping elegance, grace and beauty.

Over all it's a clean phone designed for anyone who needs a professional look and feel without thinning out their wallet.