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The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor

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To those of you who haven't seen the two sequels of The Mummy, you'd better watch them than this one, since the first two are MUCH MUCH better! I think what disappoints me about this one is the fact that it becomes too predictable. Plus Evy's role is no longer starred by Rachel Weisz.

Plot: Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) and his wife Evelyn (Evy) have now "retired" from finding mummies, so they're now leading a boring life in a huge mansion in the countryside. Their son, Alex (Luke Ford), has refused to continue his studies and he's after an Asian mummy with Professor Roger Wilson.

With much trouble, Alex and the professor finds the mummy. This mummy is the mummy of Han Emperor (Jet Li), who ruled 2, 000 years ago in cold blood. This Emperor wanted to find the Elixir of Eternal Life and he found a woman who knew how to find it. However, this woman fell in love with his general and the general also fell in love with him. The Cruel Emperor tried to separate them and he had the general killed. The woman cast a spell on him and his troops and they became the Terracotta Warriors.

After some twists, the mummy is now alive and he is searching for The Elixir of Eternal Life once more. So Rick, Evy, and Alex have to stop him. They find help from Lin, a guardian of The Elixir of Eternal Life. The Cruel Emperor makes their task difficult since he can change into any form he wants to and he has risen his Terracotta Warriors. Lin asks for Yetis to help them battle The Cruel Emperor.

Do they succeed in the end? What else do you expect?

Note: I must say that though this movie has fun parts, you can guess already what will come next. And I find that I miss the chemistry between Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. Plus it's a bit disturbing that they still look SO young, yet their son has become so big already. I would expect them to look at least five years older than that to make the story more believable. However, I LOVE the Yetis in this movie! They're a fun addition to this sequel!