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The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd

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As you know, I love my old-fashioned and classic novels. Now, let me introduce you to one of my favourite authors of all time: Agatha Christie.

If you have not read anything by this woman, I highly suggest a trip to your local library! Agatha Christie's name has become synonomous with the detective/murder mystery genre. Nobody does it like she did! I love her books because of the intreguing stories, excellent character development, and surprise endings. I also appreciate the clean nature of her books. Written a generation before the whole sex-sells movement found in our entertainment today, these stories stick to the mystery and story. They're a great read, and clean enough for your adolecents and teens to enjoy as well.

Now, on to The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.

Mrs. Ferrars has long been suspected of poisoning her late alcoholic husband, but it seems that the truth has died with her--an apparent suicide. Then, Roger Ackroyd, Mrs. Ferrars friend, confidant, (and possibly lover), is also found dead--stabbed to death in the library. Rumors swirl of blackmail and foul play.

This book drove me crazy! Why? Because throughout the entire thing, I knew that I had read it or seen a movie version of it somewhere before.... but for the life of me, I could not remember how it ended! As each chapter unfolded new clues and new suspects, I kept nodding, "yep, yep, I remember that...." Still, I had no idea "who done it." And I didn't get the satisfaction of finding out either, not until seven pages from the very end of the novel! Not once had I suspected the real culprit, though the clues had been there all along.

So of course, I highly recommend this book. Buy it... borrow it... just read it. :)