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The Mythic Bestiary

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I just finished reading The Mythic Bestiary. This book is a collection of Mythic creatures from folklore all over the world. From Greek beasts to India, North America, Aztec, and so on. The book is a fairly large book the dementions are about 8inX10.5in. And it is about an inch and a half thick (256 pages). I have the hard cover copy.

The Mythic Bestiary covers all kinds of creatures and breaks them down into 3 categories (Beasts of the Air, Beasts of the Earth and Beasts of the Water). Beasts of the Air talks about those Mythinc creatures that fly, are bird like, moth or bat like. They include creatures such as the Thunderbird, Pegasus, Harpies, Griffin, the Fire Bird and The Phoenix. The Beasts of the Earth include creatures such as Giants, Cyclopes, Zombies, Minotaur, The Elf, The Unicorn, Werewolves, Vampires, and even the Apocalyptic Beasts mentioned in the Bible. The Beasts of the Water include creatures such as The Laviathan, Merfolk, The Hydra, Sea Serpents, and Sirens. There is also a Miscellany of Monsters, a Glossary and Index and a list of books for further reading on this subject.

The book has beautiful graphics and illustrations of the beasts. They are very colorful and inhanse the book greatly. It is much easier to read this book and grasp an understanding of the creature being described when you can see an image of it.

The book describes for each creature a little bio describing what it looks like, it's special powers, it's lifespan and where it was suppose to be found or live. In the body of the pages for each creature there is an indepth view of the creature and stories that have been recorded of the creature through the centeries.

If you like mythic beasts this is a must have book for you.