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The National Enquirer

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By ezriela on
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"The National Enquirer" was there way before the hosts of other celebrity gossip publications that followed came on the scene and tried to copy it. It was churning out scandalous news about the rich and famous before anybody ever heard of a TMZ.com. I have to admit that "The National Enquirer" was one of my guiltiest of pleasures for many years. Back in the days when I started reading it, it was labeled, rather contemptuously, as a "rag." "The National Enquirer" reported all the darkest secrets, alleged love affairs, addictions, outrageous behavior and more of the stars we all love and clamor to know more about, getting its stories from "anonymous sources, " who most likely were family members, friends and employees looking to make a quick buck by snitching on them. Of course, over the years, this publication has gained a grudging respect. It has a slicker, more sophisticated look now and some of its reporters have even appeared on television news shows to offer their "expert" commentaries and provide information. All-in-all, "The National Enquirer" remains, basically, the same animal. It was and still is temptingly located near the checkout counters of most grocery stores and, yes, I do still buy their issues on occasional and still indulge that guilty pleasure of mine. As a matter of fact, I even subscribed to it at one point, but stopped, because the $65.00 subscription price was more than I wanted to pay.