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yangbang By yangbang on
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Have you ever wondered if there was anything better then the famous ipod? Well, between my family and I we own every single Ipod that ever came out. This said, I must admit that Ipods are pretty nice, but is there better? This is the question I imposed on myself near Christmas time last year while looking for a gift (for myself). I did my usual routine of reading reviews from various sites and decided to invest in an Iriver Clix Gen 2. It had just been released and reviewers around the web claimed it was the new King of Mp3 players. I received my Clix gen 2 a few days after ordering it from the manufacturer’s website and so far I am very pleased with the overall performance.

First of all, the entire design is very unique and unlike the generic mp3 player. Navigation through menu’s are done by pressing the entire face of the player in any given direction. Very cool in my book. At first I thought it would be tedious work navigating through songs but after you get used to the interface, it’s a breeze. The package came with (1) Iriver Clix Generation 2, (1) Driver CD, and (1) Pair of headphones. Not too much clutter, and enough support. I really didn’t like the headphones, or rather earphones that came with the Clix. They were rather cheaply made


the player itself. After upgrading the headphones the music quality was flawless, beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, (insert any happy adjective here). Compared to the Ipod, the music quality is better with more equalizer options.

The single most outstanding quality of the Iriver Clix gen 2 is the AMOLED screen. It uses the latest technology to display a crystal clear image. I’ve loaded up both pictures and videos on my Clix and have been amazed again and again by the quality it presents. I can’t say enough about the screen except that I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied every time I so much as glance at my Mp3 player.

As most products, there are a few areas that could use improvement. For one, the competition such as the Ipods have larger capacities while the Iriver Clix gen 2 has the max capacity of 8 gigs. The model I purchased came with 4 gigs. My entire music collection is around 3 and a half, so it doesn’t leave much room for any pictures let alone videos. Another element I wish the Clix had is a longer battery life. After a series of drainage tests I confirmed that it drains batteries a lot quicker than the ipod when the screen is lit. (But trust me, the screen is so amazing it is worth it).

Here is a little comparison with the Ipod Nano:

Physical Size - The newest generation of the Ipod Nano is slightly thinner, not much of a difference here. They both weigh about the same as well.

Navigation - Personally, I have come to appreciate the unique Iriver Clix gen 2 style of navigation over the Ipod’s touch wheel.

Sound quality and customization - The Clix wins in this category, so many different EQ and personal options.

Features - Again, the Iriver Clix gen 2 has more neat features such as: FM radio, recording FM radio, recording sound (the built in mic has impressive recording quality), games, text, and it even has more languages than the Nano!

In conclusion I would advise anyone looking for a new mp3 player about the size of an ipod nano to consider the Iriver Clix Generation 2. It definitely gives the Ipod Nano a run for its money, and I promise your experience with it will be as good if not better than mine.