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The Next Famous Call Of Duty Title...

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By armycadet127 on
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the next biggest game in the Call of Duty line up that started back in 2003. Following along the story line of Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare (released in Fall 2007). Modern Warfare 2 continues what Modern Warfare left off. The game is based off of the famous game engine used in Modern Warfare with a few tweaks to make it competive with todays newest games. Modern Warfare 2 is expected to break the FPS (First Person Shooter) sales record of over 11 million copys sold that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare had set. It is expected to make over 500 million dollars worth in sales in the first week.

Modern Warfare 2 has improved graphics over previous games in the title. Along with that comes increased detail in gore and violence. Although Modern Warfare 2 does not have body parts that fly off when a grenade or other explosion occurs near a person. It does have much more detailed blood, included the ability to see brain matter in blood when a headshot occurs. In one of the missions you take the role of a CIA agent who is undercover as a terrorist. The terrorist's goal in that mission: go to a Russian International Airport and kill as many people as possible then blame it on the US (thus, causing the war that the game is based off of). In that mission you can choose to skip it if you would like, or watch the bloodbath and not play along (up to a certain extent), or take part in the killing.

The game features new perks and weapons in multiplayer such as a predator missile that you can guide to your target or a AC-130 gunship to destroy your opponents. One new feature is a reward for getting 25 kills in a row without dieing once, which will gain you a tactical nuke. When you call in the nuke, a ten second countdown begins before seeing a bright flash from the nuke going off. When you set off the nuke, it will automatically end the game and the player that set off the nuke will win.

Over all, I think that if you are able to handle the blood and gore you will have much fun with this game. It is a great game for friends to play against each other. It is well worth the 60 dollars.