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The Next Generation Of Portable Gaming

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Cameron Eittreim By Cameron Eittreim on
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The gameboy has been around since the 1980s, and it has created millions of fans for Nintendo. It revolutionized the way we play videos games because it introduced the world to portable gaming, which was and still is great for long trips and rides on the subway. The gameboy advanced micro is the newest addition to the Nintendo family, this gives you the opportunity to change the face plates and play the thousands of GBA titles. The first thing you will notice about the GBA micro is just how small this thing is, it's only about the size of an iPod nano. The smaller screen doesn't really affect game play, it does affect 3D racing games like need for speed, but I have gotten use to this over time.This GBA features a brighter screen which is a plus because the GBA SP has a very dim screen, and it can be quite hard to see in certain lighting conditions. This GBA also brings the ability to use ear buds which the GBA SP prevents unless you use the Nintendo ear bud connector. This gameboy is not backwards compatible, which means that it cannot play old gameboy or gameboy color games. This is a real let down if you have a large collection of games, I personally own over 300 games and I can't play any of them on this GBA.

The controls seem to be tighter on this model, which is great because I thought the GBA SP was a bit hard to control when playing intense games like Maxx Payne or Doom 1 though 3. I like this GBA because it is much more portable then the SP, I can carry this in my jeans and it doesn't look or feel bulky, which is a plus because I tend to take my portable items on the go. The faceplates are a major improvement over previous GBA colors, the GBA comes with pink or camouflage or you can purchase different ones from third party retailers online.

This gameboy really stands out from other portable gaming devices in the fact that it's so individual; every GBA is suited to its owner thanks to the fact plates. Almost like a car or cell phone, this makes the GBA a winner in my eyes. The battery life on this GBA is something to love, I usually only need to charge mine for about an hour and it keeps playtime for about five hours. This makes this GBA ideal for long trips like air plains because it will last so long, I bring mine everywhere and it hasn't failed on me yet. I did purchase an extra lithium ion battery from Nintendo just in case the worst ever happened, this will ensure that my GBA has years of life ahead.

As far as gaming goes, the GBA has any title imaginable, including Yoshis Island and Mario Kart, which are both Nintendo classics. RPGs are also in high quantity when you purchase a GBA, Sword of Mana and The Legend of Zelda are just two great games you should look into. You can also get great racing games like NFS and Crazy Taxi, I also own Monkey Balls which is a great Maze game. One of the best adventure games on GBA is Sonic the Hedgehog advance; this game combines high speed with tons of levels and characters.

Overall if you want a inexpensive portable gaming machine with tons of exciting games, then the GBA Micro is the perfect system. If my GBA ever dies I'll be sure to purchase another one because these will be entertaining for years to come.