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The Night Mare Before Christmas

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By ladychai on
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I have always been a fan of Tim Burton's. His lurid characters somehow amazes me. 'Tis like one-parts of the two versions of myself.

I have had The Nightmare Before Christmas action figures but this one I am making a review right now is a collector's item. Composed of six action figures, my picture only has five because I lost my Jack Skellington action figure. My nanny has this habit of throwing away anything that are not in their correct place rather than place them where they should be, good thing she got sacked else all my collections would have been missing by now.

I love these action figures, I even created a make shift altar just to show them off. I love the detailed carvings of Sally the ragdoll, my favorite character, and how you can turn the Mayor's head to show his frustrated emotion at times.

I love that this collector's item also included Oogie's boys, funny though, they are called Oogie's boys when Shock is actually a girl. Better call them Oogie's henchmen instead. I love these kids, they are very mischievous but not totally evil like Oogie himself.

The only challenge was that Jack Skellington has a difficulty staying in it's place, I had to glue him on a film cap however he would still fall with just minimal disruption. His head is much bigger than his body you see so the weight balance isn't there.

They say, I have a weird choice for a favorite cartoon character. Well most of the people I know also likes TNBC, but it is not because of the hype that's why I like them. It is not because my ex-husband has a Jack Skellington Tattoo in one of his thighs. I guess, you can say birds of the same feather are the same birds, hehehe.

When I was still in primary school, I first saw TNBC on a christmas eve. It was one of the holiday specials shown, I did not know the title of the movie but I was glued on the tele, it was like magic. Every Christmas, I look forward to watching this movie, I know it is bound to be shown sometime in one channel or two. And thus, that was the beginning of my love affair with TNBC. When I went to HongKong Disneyland, they have a lot of TNBC merchandize because it was almost halloween when I went there. Had I have a lot of savings back then I would have bought one of each TNBC merchandize but because of money constraints I settled with my TNBC water canister which I proudly use in my office.

The Nightmare Before Christmas, love it then, love it now, love it for always...