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The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogies Revenge Ps2

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This Play Station 2 DVD ROM is a pretty cool game to own for the heavy-duty thinker. I have only made it to the third level though.

I bought this one, ‘The Nightmare before Christmas: Oogies Revenge' for my seven year old daughter, who can't get past third level either.

I would not suggest it for young children, as it is very complicated for me, and I play tons of games. I would say that this one is more for teens.

I like the graphics, and I love the story, but I feel that this one, is not what I expected in genre and feel. I expected this to be easy for children at seven, even though it is for everyone 10+. (she is like a mini teenager)

I am 41, and am having a hard time getting past these evil pumpkins. It seems like an endless task.

I will trudge on, trying to get through this level, even if it takes all year.

I finally found his (Oogies) house, through a gate at the town square (circle).

Far from being what I expected, it could be that I am just missing something, but still, I don't see it. It is harder than it should be.

If I can't get this one done, it may end up discarded, as my daughter has already lost interest in it, and she feels that I got gypped. What a sport she is. Maybe I can re-sell it to Hastings.

Beyond the difficulty, I would say, that it just does not give, what I though it was that I was paying for. It is way to hard for her, and for that matter, it is way too hard for me. I would rank this one at 3 stars of 5. Caution Before Purchasing for Young Children!