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The Nintendo Gamecube: Indestructible?

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By seraph on
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Literally the MOST durable console I have ever owned. It even beats my Game Boy Color (that's another story).

Here's my sad tale of the misfortune that occured to my Gamecube. Originally, my Gamecube was owned by my little brother. One day, he made the very, very bad mistake of backtalking our mother. She warned him once...and then to his surprise, she walked over to his Gamecube, grabbed it...and flung it out an open window. I happened to be in my room, playing my PS2 happily...to suddenly watch an indigo blur sail past and bounce off several rocks in our backyard.

Note: She flung the sucker out of the THIRD STORY window! Yes...it flew for 26 feet.

I went outside, confirmed my fears...and brought the poor console back inside. My mother, sill infuriated at his attitude, told me that if I could get it to work, it was mine. Guess what?

A mere fifteen minutes of dislodging dirt and embedded rock...the console worked PERFECTLY. The only thing remaining is the way the power button sticks ever so slightly. But yes. It flew 26 feet. Bounced at least twice off rocks. And works like it was new. I am considering petitioning the US gov't to use those things as tank armor.

Now, to fully review this lovely console, you can't go wrong with it. With a huge game library, and over a hundred accessories and peripherals, you really can't go wrong. Call me old-fashioned, but the Gamecube is still a heavy hitter in the console industry, even with it's newer sibling, the Wii.

So if you're ever wanting a nice, cheap console that's indestructible and has a massive library...choose the Gamecube. You won't regret it.