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The Nintendo Wii Does Not Live Up To The Hype

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By Steven Kruyne on
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I've been a Nintendo fanboy since the orginial Nintendo, but the Wii has created doubts. The focus of the Wii has been the ease of it to pick up and play. The controller is nothing but a wireless remote control type with a few buttons on it. A sensor above the TV allows for motion control movement, leading to what attempts to be a more interactive experience. More on that later.

The Nintendo is the weakest of the three "next generation" consoles, putting out graphics that barely top it's four year old Gamecube. This doesn't seem to distract Nintendo who want to focus more on gameplay than graphics. Many gamers don't have the same vision in mind. The consoles size is very small, allowing someone to carry all of the things needed to play in a backpack or some carrying device.

The games that are coming out for it are, for a lack of a better word, disappointing. No real brand new games have come out, but instead we are seeing the same Mario, Samus, Link, and other various Nintendo characters doing the same thing they always do, but now more interactive. This can be fun when played with friends, but by one's self, it quickly becomes repetitive. While I appreciate Nintendo trying to be more innovative, the system doesn't seemed polished. The controllers are some times nonresponsive and don't perform when needed. Overall, the Wii is nothing more than a child toy and has no place in the "gamers" market.