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The Nokia 6030 Cell Phone

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By comedyfan23 on
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I own a Nokia 6030 cellular phone and I am very satisfied with the way it works. I have found that the reception is great even in some areas where it is hard for other phones to make a call. The 6030 is just the right size and fits great in my hand. The buttons on the 6030 are reasonably small and are not so sensitive that you push 2 buttons accidentally alot. I like that the settings and tools on this phone are easy to access and understand. Downloading ringtones on my nokia is simple and takes only about 5 seconds once you purchase them to load them to your phone. The ringtones and backgrounds that come with it are slightly better in my opinion than other phones. The Nokia 6030 is a great phone and I would reccommend it highly to anyone whether they use it at home or for business.

Update On Nov 15, 2008: I have recently added internet to this phone, but the size of the screen and the time it takes to navigate pages did not work for me, so I will not use internet on this phone. I will, however continue to use the Nokia 6030 because of it's reliability and ease of use in making phone calls.

Update On Oct 13, 2009: It's like the phone that wouldn't die. It still works great and I am glad because I have grown to love it. Maybe when it finally breaks I will send it off to a cell phone farm where it can roam free with the other cell phones. Ok thats just silly.