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The Oh So Wonderful Yet Oh So Terrible Jump Rope

Reviewing: Adjustable Jump Rope Gold's Gym  |  Rating:
By ldub on
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Having been bought this jump rope four seperate times, I feel I know a bit about it.

Many people think of a kids toy when they think of jump roping, but the jump rope is actually a great tool, allowing for huge improvements of cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, and explosive power in the legs. It can also aid in fat loss, and is one of few pieces of equipment which can be brought with you and used just about anywhere you please.

This particular jump rope is good for a variety of users, built with ball bearings and springs to allow smooth jumping and maximum speed. It also comes equipped with small weights which can be easily removed for one who chooses to go without. The length is adjustable, as well, therefore almost anyone can use it. Along with that, it has foam handles which provide good comfort for hands while still allowing for a strong grip.

It very well seems like the perfect jump rope, doesn't it? Well it is, aside from one major problem. Of the four seperate times I've owned one of these jump ropes, all four have broken within a few weeks. Even after repeatedly "fixing" them, they continued to break until they could no longer be repaired. You may be thinking, "Why would you buy the same jump rope four times if the first one or two broke?" Good question. Ironically, four different people bought me this jump rope on four seperate occassions. It is a highly common jump rope found in popular stores.

To sum things up, this is a very well designed jump rope when it comes to fitness, but don't expect it to last long if you have the same luck with it that I've had in the past.