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The One And Only Apple I Phone!

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Vassili Shields By Vassili Shields on
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I was so excited for the Apple Iphone - I practically had a countdown waiting for it to come out. Being a mac user my entire life, this was an excellent answer to what lacked in the cell phone department. And after finally changing my cell phone provider, and finding one of these beautiful gems, I certainly enjoyed being one of the few who had the special phone. I could show my friends and even strangers how I could scroll through music, photos and emails with just a flick of my fingers. Or how I could magnify images just by stretching my pointer finger and thumb apart on the oversized screen.

At first just having the iPhone was enough - I could watch movies on it, surf the internet, listen to whatever I music I wanted. I was certainly never bored.

But then something horrible happened. I received a call from a friend and I went to slide my finger across the screen to magically unlock my special device. But nothing happened. It had frozen or was somehow unresponsive to my touch. I sat there helplessly as I watched the phone call come and go and I couldn't even unlock my own phone to answer it.

In the end the freezing and the phone's sometimes unresponsive screen put me over the edge and I had switch back to my old service, and old phone. The iPhone was great for a few months but dependability and assurance that I can answer a phone call are higher on my priority list than all the bells and whistles of a sleek, beautiful touch-screen phone.