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The Organ

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By MiniTk Kwan on
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My first organ which is still here in the house of course has 3 keyboards and one under the whole organ for the feet. I always wanted to play ther organ and i did with a teacher. Teachers of the Organ are very rare to find in NSW or Australia frankly and mine had to leave and most of students including me were only beginners so in the end we kinda gave it up (but we occansionally have a little play). My organ is an electrical organ. I later found out that there were 4 types.

The organ, a sophisticated instrument, is like the piano except you use 3 keyboards and one foot board. One key board for one stave and one clef. The top one is usually for the treble clef and the bottom is for the bass clef. The four types of organs are electrical organs, hybrid organs, mechanical organs and the pipe organ. The pipe organs are the rarest and the loudest because they don't rely on anythign else except wind power and air. When organs are played a deep note erupts from the foot pedals and usually the keyboards on the top are about 2 to 4 octaves highe than the foot board. The electrical and mechanical usually have buttons to change the style of music, the sound on the notes and sometimes a button gives you the beat which you can alter. In the bottom centre of the organ(electrical) there usually is a pedal where it can change the level of volume. Its normally used for increasing and decreasing the volume of the notes played.

Personally, i think the organ are for people who are huge multi-taskers who are usually teens, not to say that grown ups can't multi-task because using both hands and your feet to play an instrument is very talented and clever. I wish i could multi -task. :?