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The Original: 'Diving Sub'

Reviewing: Da Mert Company 2002  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This is a secret. It is a hard to find toy, but very fun for young school wizards that want to out-smart their schoolmates in the science room. It was worth the search to find this toy through Inland Octopus, in Walla Walla.

The ‘Diving Sub' is a toy that originally was found in cereal boxes in the 1950's. Made for children 6 and up, this little baking powder fueled sub will dive and surface about 13 times on average. The fun with this one is that it is magic to young kids.

As the sub rises to the top, it turns on its side, gives a burp (bubble) and sinks with a rapid descent. My daughter wanted this inexpensive toy to fool her friends at school, but now we hear her doing the sonar sounds and all when she takes a bath.

Easy to read instructions are on the back of this red and blue package, and the package itself looks 1950's. It has a diagram of the sub on the front, that lists and details every part of the submarine, from the escape hatch to the nuclear reactor. It is a sensational toy for young minds learning simple principles of science. It was worth $3.00. Small children may choke on the small parts, so please don't allow children under three to play with this toy!