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The Original Is Still The Best

Reviewing: 20th Century Fox The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008 Movie)  |  Rating:
Jermaine McKenzie By Jermaine McKenzie on
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This remake of the 1951 original falls short of being the best that could have been, i was left with a sense of wanting when the movie was all over and done with, it is like it was ended with a sequel in mind. This movie is basically about the damage that human kind has done to the Earth and universal entities were sent to safeguard the other species of life by erradicating the destroyer that is mankind. During the movie, the people in direct contact with the alien entity could do all but beg for their lives and hope that their lives would be spared so that they could start the 'change' process and prove that humans are indeed worthy of occupying the Earth as it is. This movie just goes to show that people are nothing more than a bunch of users and abusers and they tend to destroy everything that they come across for their own personal benefit. I can not really complain much about this movie because it truly is very entertaining and worth the admission fee to see it. If you are not a fan of the science fiction genre, then this movie not for you.