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The Palace By Laura Lond

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The Palace is the second book of The Adventures of Jecosan Tarres trilogy. Jecosan, a blacksmith's apprentice sent with a special mission to the royal palace, arrives at his destination. The scene changes quite a bit: from villages, dusty roads, and simple taverns we are transported to the magnificent residence of His Majesty King Alvard III. The monarch is greatly feared at the palace. An inopportune word or the slightest action that displeases him can bring very harsh consequences, as it had happened to Lord Farizel, demoted to a jester for making just one polite objection to the king. This willful monarch would be the person Jecosan, the protagonist, is sent to talk to. Jecosan's job is to tell the king that he should not start the war he is contemplating. I would *not* want that job...

Fortunately, Jecosan is noticed by Lord Farizel, whose intelligence and strength of character have earned him the king's respect, making him, despite the demotion, the most influential man in the country. Unfortunately, there are those who want to get rid of both Jecosan and Lord Farizel. By the end of the book, they very nearly succeed.

If I thought Book 1 ended with anticipation for more built up to the highest, this one is a real cliff-hanger. The engrossing story had me staying up late, worrying, wondering, fearing that the end would come before I find out whether the characters get out of their predicament. Sure enough, it did. Arrgh! Cliff-hangers are evil, they need to be outlawed. Still, I greatly enjoyed the book.