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The Pampered Chef Measure All Cup

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This is a great item to have on hand in your kitchen. It's a plastic cup with an easy pour spout. It sits inside a clear plastic tube that has easy to read measurements listed on it. There are two ways you can use this product. You can use it to measure any kind of liquid used in recipes for baking and cooking. It works like any other measuring cup. Just fill the cup up with water or oil until the level is even with the line that lists the desired amount.

The second way to use this is to measure solid ingredients used in baking and cooking. I use it to measure amounts of butter, sugar, flour, rice, and more! What you do is flip it upside down, and pull the plastic cup down, partially out of the tube. If you want to measure out a quarter cup of ingredients, you just line up the flat side (bottom) of the plastic cup to the quarter cup line. Then you pour the sugar into the tube until it is full. You get a perfect amount of ingredients every time! You then tip it over into the mixing bowl, and push the plastic cup back to the top. This works especially well for butter because it pushes every last bit out. You no longer have to scrape the excess off with a spatula or spoon.

The plastic measuring cup is easily removable from the outer tube so you can clean them. I think this is very convenient. I no longer have to have separate measuring tools. This one item does it all for me!