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The Paranoids Pocket Guide By Cameron Tuttle

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The Paranoid’s Pocket Guide: Hundreds of things you never knew you had to worry about by Cameron Tuttle is a great book. ISBN 0-8118-1665-6 suggested retail $10.95. I received this little gem as a gift one Christmas from a friend. If she’s reading this, Thanks.

The pocket guide is small enough to fit in your pocket but it’s hard-back. This is ironic to me. I really want to carry it around for reference. I would but when I sit, it pokes my bottom. This could cause some damage to my gluteus maximus. Or, the book could shoot from my pocket, from pressure, and hit me in the head causing a concussion.

My dear friend thought she was doing me a favor giving me The Paranoid’s Pocket Guide. However, now I’m more paranoid than ever. If the book doesn’t kill me flesh-eating bacteria will!

The book is laid out using pictures, varying fonts, and headings. There are no real chapters to speak of. For quick reference, there is a handy index in the back. The guide is sectioned: At Work, At Home, At the Gym, Hypochondriac’s Alert, Sex and Dating, and Food. Phobias, driving and flying issues are also thrown into the mix. Then, when the paranoia has really got to you, here come the Fright Bites!

In reality this is a funny little book with some great facts and interesting tid-bits of information. I think it makes a great gift for yourself or some paranoid person you may know.