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The Perfect Action Film

Reviewing: 20th Century Fox Live Free Or Die Hard  |  Rating:
munky By munky on
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The latest addition to the die hard series might just be one of the best action films of the 2000's and is probably my favorite of the die hard films. Everything about this film just capsulates what an action film should be about. The entire movies is just non-stop action and while at times it is unrealistic it is exhilarating to watch and I found myself constantly cheering Bruce Willis on in the movie. What makes this movie great is the plot and the acting. From the main characters to the little supporting roles I felt that everyone in this film fit their parts perfectly and I couldn't imagine another actor/actress doing a better job. The plot itself is very new age, exciting, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. Now I know some people might think that this film strays away from the Die Hard series but I felt that this movie brought together everything that was good with the series and it made for a very enjoyable 2 hours of entertainment. From a special feature perceptive I thought that the audio commentary done by Bruce Willis, the director and the editor provided great little tidbits about the film and its production. There is also a behind the scenes feature which gives the viewer a vague idea of what happens during the making of the movie. The movie also includes an unrated version, but also the theatrical release of the movie. This is a great feature for the die hard fans (no pun intended) so they can watch both versions of the movie and see what was omitted.