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Reviewing: Emanuel H. Bronner Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap  |  Rating:
By serval87 on
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You've probably seen it in your local grocery store: that large bottle with the quirky text all over it. The price may have turned you off. After all, who wants to spend nearly twelve bucks on a bottle of soap? Maybe you even popped the top, and gave it a sniff. Yet, you still ended up placing it back on the shelf, and picking up your usual soap. Next month you'll buy that same soap again, because it never lasts as long as you thought it would. You'll also buy toothpaste, surface cleaners, dish liquid, and laundry detergent, which will lead to you spending more than twelve dollars.

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap is an extremely versatile product. The label claims that you can use it for washing dishes, cleaning surfaces and floors, washing your car, brushing your teeth, washing your body, washing laundry, and even washing your pets. I have tested several of these statements, and can conclude that it really does work as well as it claims. I have used it as a dish liquid, and it cuts through grease very well, though you might have to let a pan soak in it if it's really dirty. It's also very good for cleaning counters and makes a good soap to mop your floor. I like that it doesn't leave a sticky residue. Recently, I have started using it as a laundry detergent, and it works fine, though the scent doesn't linger. That's not much of a problem for me, though. For several months I've used it as a toothpaste, and my dentist even confirmed that my teeth looked very clean. It takes a little getting used to, and you must dilute it with water or else your mouth will feel uncomfortable for a while afterward. I prefer to use the peppermint as a toothpaste. Before I tried using it for those things, I was buying it as a body-wash. It's gentle on the skin, and washes off easily. I've noticed, however, that if I wash my hands a lot during the day, they will become dry, so I end up using a lot of lotion. It doesn't seem to have that effect on other areas of my body.

What I really love about this soap is that it only takes a couple of drops to form a rich lather. This is especially important if you're on a tight budget, like me. One bottle of peppermint soap will last me nearly three months, and that's with me using it as a dish liquid, surface cleaner, toothpaste, and laundry detergent. One bottle of lavender, eucalyptus, or almond soap will last me even longer, because I'll only use it as a body-wash.

For those that are environment-conscious, this product is completely biodegradable, because it's all natural. That may be my, hands down, favorite feature about this product. Really, in all honesty, you couldn't ask for a better product. If you can't tell by now, I'm really singing its praises.