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The Phantom Hourglass Zelda, Ds Style

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By miko on
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The Legend of Zelda has seen many different games over many different consoles. The DS version created in the cel-shaded animation style of the previous Gamecube model, Wind Waker, was hotly anticipated, named The Phantom Hourglass. On the touchscreen enabled DS, the possibilities opened up for intruiging puzzles and ideas.

Movement and attacking is done with the stylus and moving it across the screen. Although awkward at first, it becomes natural, and provides a different experience that other Zelda games have not seen. On top of this, without saying too much, the puzzles and dungeons are the most cleverly designed out of all the Zelda games I have played (all of them). Some familiar items, such as the boomerang and bow and arrow make a return, as well as some newer items that all utilize the touchscreen well. There are three early 'pre-dungeons' and six main dungeons, so the gameplay is a good length. Also, for those completionists, there are many treasures across the game to collect, so there is no shortage of replayability.

The production quality of Zelda games come with a very high standard and Phantom Hourglass does not disappoint. The innovative use of the touchscreen as well as the quirky story involving our favorite green friend makes this an excellent successor to the Zelda collection.