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The Phillips 23 Inch Hd Monitor Worth It?

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acidacre By acidacre on
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Upgrading from my old CMV 17 Inch monitor i set out to buy the perfect monitor with an imperfect budget. My dad got ahold of the Phillips monitor straight of the factory for $370NZD which totals to about $270USD. It arrived in a compact box which wasnt too heavy but took a kitchen knife and a good ten minutes to open up.

The box contained the monitor itself, a stand, the usual wires, the assembly manua and a short plug that connected the monitor the the CPU for the real HD experience ( requires quite a good graphics cards though, 1GB+ recommended )

The 23Inch monitor ( 58 cm wide ) allows me to multi-task by having 2 browsers/screens open at a time rather than having to switch tabs constantly when working/playing.

The slim weight on the monitor and deck allow it to be shifted around easily allowing for good comfort ect.

The button accessibility is on the right hand side of the monitor and is quite easy to access, however remembering what which button does takes a while to master =)

- The Monitor On/Off button

- The menu button which allows for picture/audio/colour/language ect set up

- An input button which allows to switch from VGA/DVI/HDMI

- A random thingymajig that allows the contents of the screen to be compressed to a sort of vertical widescreen ( to save power and space e.g if working only in MS Word )

- A button that auto-adjusts the screens brightness/contrast depending on the content. This is quite handy if you have good eyesight, good lighting in the room and are not colorblind. It also sets the monitor up to run at the fastest recommended refresh rate.

- The volume button allowing you to adjust volume

- The smart Image button ( a brilliant feature )

The smart Image button allows you to change your screen settings for different purpouses, these include

Office Work/Image viewing/Entertainment and Economy

Overall for the few weeks that ive had this monitor it has served me well and is definetly work the money.Id also recommend not buying from the biggest retail store since the same product they sell for $350 - 450, you could get from a private importer or directly factory sold for much cheaper. =D