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The Phillips 2 Gb Mp3 Player In White

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First off, I find it quite amazing how technology similar to that of MP3 Players and such revolve quickly, simply because of price drops and overall better features as compared to older models. You see, back in early 2006, I found myself waiting on a line, with a then-new Sansa MP3 Player in hand, aware of how much I had to pay to of course, obtain it as my own - that being $79.99 for an MP3 Player that has a measly capacity of only 512 megabytes (MB).

Quite sad, yes, and its things such as those which I find to be unbelivable. I mean, I don't think they even make MP3 Players with such low capacities as compared to others anymore. Don't get me wrong though, 512 MBs isn't really that bad seeing as it can hold a little over 100 songs - depending upon your situation in terms of need/desire - but that was then. Good thing to see that that is, of course, not the case anymore with MP3 Players that are, say 1 gigabytes (GB) priced at a range of $19.99-$39.99 (as far as my knowledge and experience goes).

This particular MP3 Player as created by Phillips is really one to behold at only $49.99 (that's how much its priced at now; however unluckily enough, I had bought this for $69.99), consisting of a 2GB capacity. I think it's safe to say that it has been proven that most people like their players in black - which is what I myself usually favor - but this little one happens to be an exception. Some may say that more buttons could have been added onto the product's front interface given that it may perhaps come off as rather "too vague-looking" with simply the player screen display being the first thing you see, along with the PLAY button (which also serves as the Pause and On/Off button). Yeah, there are indeed more buttons throughout the player but overall, I think it looks lovely because of its nice blending of a unique, but similar color from that of iPod Shuffle. The colors may do indeed look similar, but what's there to complain about?

But with that aside, as to the actual internal features - this player tends to run smoothly; however most of the time. One particular problem for which I experienced was how the unit would shut off for no apparent reason (which is what I thought at first). Overtime, I found the cause to be that whenever the volume is at max and I just so happen to be playing a really loud song with a high bass, that's where the unit would just come to a halt (don't take it the wrong way - every time this occurred, I've been easily able to restore it back to power). Was it the batteries? Nah. Fact of the matter is, MP3 Players should never "showcase" off such a problem or bug, if you want to call it that. Who knows, maybe its just mine!

Oh, and the earphones - in all honesty, from usage of "compare and contrast", the sound quality output is VERY similar to that of iPod earphones. This was something that I was not expecting at all, due to the considerable new experience from Phillips in such fields of technology (I may be wrong, though as far as "experience" goes in regards to Phillips and MP3 Players). Impressed I was because of this, along with the appearance of them - but it was just recently that these half-died on me (which is a very common issue among earphones) due to a "forceful" accident whereas the jack was tilted in a pushed motion.

Anyhoo, I've been diggin' these (well, during its days of them being alive) and the unit itself ever since I bought it with all the other included features such as the AM/FM tuner, voice recording and shuffling (just to name a few) on my birthday - as ironic as that sounds!