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The Playstation 3

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By matildathehun on
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The hype is true: The Playstation 3 is a machine for serious electronics nerds only. Unlike the Wii, the price tag alone will keep anyone who doesn't care about having the best of the best far away from the system. I am not saying this to disparage the Wii, which is a great system on it's own. I am saying this because when you pay up to 600 dollars for a video game system, you are putting yourself into a market that wants a top-quality gaming and media viewing experience. It is not a console for the casual gamer. Don’t waste your money if this thing isn’t for you.

That being said, you get what you pay for with a PS3. It is a quality system through and through. with intuitive controls and a nice built-in Blu-Ray player. We have watched many Blu-Ray films on our machine on both an HDTV and a normal TV, and both times the image quality available has been notably good. Whether you are playing a game or just watching TV, the images are just fantastic. The visuals on the system are crisp and clear and we have never had any trouble playing games or viewing DVDs. If you want a game console with a built-in DVD player, you won’t find a nicer one then the PS3.

The Sixaxis controllers, which use Bluetooth technology and recharge themselves with their cords, are well-designed and incredibly convenient. No more tripping over tangled cords or accidentally yanking a controller out during a vital time in the game. The wireless cords allow for easy movement and are very convenient. They will run out of power quickly if you play with them for too long, but they recharge very quickly as well.

The game library is small for now, but it is growing rapidly and has a nice variety of games for everyone from the younger casual gamer to the older hardcore gaming fan. You can find everything from melee games to puzzle games, all of which are readily available at most stores. An added bonus is that the PS3 is backwards-compatible, allowing you to bust out your old PS1 and PS2 games while you wait for more PS3 releases to pile up. You also won’t miss out on any new titles. If you have been a PlayStation fan for a while, this is the system that will keep your old games valuable and let you stay current with the new ones. For some people, it might be worth purchasing for that alone.

As for online gaming, it varies. The wireless antennae is strong and we have never had any connection problems. Problems seem to stem more from individual games and less from the machine itself. The PS3’s online content is not as exciting as the Wii or the XBOX360’s yet, but they are working on it. This may not be the console for you if you’re more interested in that online content, but be patient.

The only bad thing about it is its size. The machine is fairly heavy and not easily moved. On the plus side, the PS3 is a very solidly-built machine. No more of the PS2 problems where they would seem to stop working on a whim. We’ve never had it freeze or had the disk drive just stop working. I lost two PS2s because of that issue, so I am very happy to have such a solid machine to work with now. However, you should be aware of this if you like to take your machine with you to friend’s houses. It’s a very well-built machine, but portable it is not.

Overall, we have been very happy with our PS3. They are very expensive, but if you can swallow the price, they’re well worth it.