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The Postman: Feudalism, Nukes And Feminism

Reviewing: Bantam Books 2006 Softcover Printing  |  Rating:
Ambrose Burnside By Ambrose Burnside on
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The Postman is a powerful story of hope and its' origins, wrapped up in a tasty tale of supercomputers, survivalists, and feuding warlords.

A lone survivor of the aptly-named Doomwar, Gordon Krantz travels what remains of the United States of America as a minstrel, acting and telling stories to pay for his keep. The story begins ominously- Gordon is in the act of fleeing a party of bandits who have waylain him for his supplies. In attempting (and failing) to track them down and regain his belongings, he discovers the remains of a postman from many years past, and takes his jacket to stay warm throughout the night.

From this, legends are borne- to instill hope into the shattered remnants of the West Coast, he begins to tell stories of a "Restored United States of America" and deliver mail from isolated hamlet to isolated hamlet. Much derring-do and drama follows (I'll try not to spoil too much) involving a community who has survived the Doomwar completely intact and a certain Cyclops, and the origins of human strength and courage.

I thought The Postman was excellent. I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic fiction, so if it had been even half as good I would have still been happy. It's more than just a pot-boiler- there's some serious intellectual challenges presented to the reader which'll leave you scratching your head after you're done. My only real beef with the book would be that it could have been longer (even though it's already fairly long), and that it can drag a little at times. Yes, this is the fourth time in a week you've had to sleep in the cold, wet dark, we get it.

Regardless of a few shortcomings, The Postman an excellent piece of fiction which almost anyone should be able to pick up and enjoy.