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The Prince And Me A Fairytale Love Story!

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"The Prince and Me" was just another film that had featured the love of a member of a Royal family with a commoner.The concept is quite average, since there have been previous films of this genre.But I really like the film.Somehow it had that "something" that made me stick to film till the end.Even though I already have seen Princess diaries. The film included :Prince Edward or Eddie - Luke Mably ; Paige Morgan - Julia Stiles ; Soren - Ben Miller ;King Harald -James Fox

I personally quite like such pleasant romantic movies.they are just so cute.This film was no exception.The duo looked very good together. The film starts with a scene where the Prince(of Denmark) is seen to be challenged by one of his friends to a race in their BMW.The Prince is a spoiled brat.He is known to have multiple women around him.But never did he find his true love, nor did he ever find anything suitable for him to do in the governing of the country.He would only accompany his father, The King, but would be absent minded.Till he decided to go for a vacation to Wisconsin in America, after seeing an A.V on the T.V. He had a fight with his mother and left the palace for Wisconsin, with his personal butler-Soren. He soon enough crashed into a girl after getting admitted into the University of Wisconsin.And kept on meeting her incidentally, till they slowly fell in love.He was even invited by her, to go to her home during thanksgivings.

The film really succeded in maiing people compare this story with their own love stories. Something that film-makers would want to make their audience do through the film. I don't know how much it diod in the box office. But when I went to sleep after seeing the movie, I had a smile on my face. Soon after some paparazzi, discovered about their relationship and they were on the front page of every newspaper. He was called back to Denmark.His father was leaving the throne.He had to succeed him.Good enough that Paige still realised that she actually loved him, ad followed him to Denmark.he actually had fought with his mother -again, and finally convinced his parents to approve of their marriage.

Remarkably, ever since paige came to his life, he had become more responsible, sensible and sincere.After paige's gradutaion they decided to get married.

The most funny scenes were, when whenever they were on verge of making love- they are always interrupted.The film was well set.I liked the Prince's performance.Luke suited the role very well. Watching this movie did show me some good moments that lovers share. the chemistry was really good. It's worth a watch for those who like pleasant romance.