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The Prince Is Back

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The Prince is back and he's not quite so back this is Prince of Persia but not THE Prince Of Persia we all knew and loved from the previous 3 games in a lame attempt to explain why the original isn't back developers merely just stated he is A prince of Persia(According to them Persia Has many, many different Princes) oh yeah and the sands of time are gone! So now on to the game itself.At first glance at our new "hero" doesn't seem or look much like a prince he looks more like Matthew McConahahy between movies he has the horrible misfortune of getting lost in a sandstorm while searching for his donkey somewhat humorously named Farah(The original Prince's love interest) and before he knows it is miraculously transported to another land where he runs into the beautiful Elika a descendant of a clan who swore to protect the world from an evil god known as Ahriman I'll leave the story there as to avoid any spoiler alerts for those of you who haven't played it yet.

The Gameplay is very slick and you can see it was well thought out as you attack run and jump your way through the game everything seems fluid even the dying which brings me to my only beef with the gameplay dynamics of this game let me put it quite simply you can't DIE. Every time you're about to you somehow get miraculously saved by Elika. This is a totally phenomenal game and the first in the line of the trilogy rumored by Ubisoft although they aren't any Sands of Time it's still an exceptional Action Adventure game that is sure to not disappoint new comers to the series and repeat offenders like myself well done Ubisoft.