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The Princess Bride Just Like The Movie

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I grew up watching the film "The Princess Bride". I loved this movie and still do. I recently found the book in the book club I am in and I just had to have it. I wanted to read it just for the fact that I love the film so much. I was not disappointed. The book is wonderful and the movie did an excellent job at portraying it to film.

In the intro to the book William Goldman explains where this version of the Princess Bride comes from. He explains that his father read the original story written by Morgenstern when he was ill as a child. And how much he LOVED the story. So he bought the book for his son for his birthday and could not understand why son could not get into the adventure. When Goldman picks up the original book and begins looking through it to see why his son did not care for it he relizes something...His father skipped the boring parts and just read the good parts. That is where Goldman got the idea to write the "good parts" version. Throughout the story Goldman interrupts the text to explain things. Like the 40 some pages he left out from the original text because all it was was the packing of clothes. The text is hillarious though. If you have seen this film then you know that there are some very humorous parts to it. They are just as funny in the book.

If you enjoyed watching The Princess Bride then i highly recomend getting the book to read. Make sure it's the William Goldman edition though.