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The Promise By Donna Boyd

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By belle_morte9506 on
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This book is about a researcher living in the Alaskan wilderness, studying wolves. Her husband died, and now she's left herself secluded with only the pack she's studying as company. Also, she talks to her dead husband fairly often, but he's not really there, she's just that lonely. She witnesses a helicopter crash, and searches to see if there are survivors, and in doing so finds a near-death wolf. As she nurses him back to health, she begins reading a book she found in a suitcase near the wreckage, and the story of a man who claims to be a werewolf pulls her into something she never suspected. It is an interesting story, with a good twist, and easy to read. While it isn't one of my favorites ever, it is entertaining and fairly involving. I have not read anything else by this author, but do plan to try to track down other books by her. Overall, would recommend this book as an interesting way to pass time.