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The Prototype

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When my brother brought home Prototype the PC game I really didn't know what to expect as I hadn't heard too much about the game. You play as a guy called Alex Mercer who was the subject of some genetic experiment at Gentek and know you have these super abilities to go along with a case of amnesia. The graphics on this game aren't the prettiest I've seen but they are decent none the less. The whole of New York City is being overrun with genetically mutated monsters and it's your job to save the day and in the process find out who's responsible for making you what you are. I really like the fact that you have a wide array of skills and powers to upgrade with the EP points you get from killing or absorbing enemies and completing little mini games in free roam. This is definitely my new stress releaser although it isn't a true classic it's tons of fun to slice up a random civilian just because you can or if that's not your style why not glide from the highest building you can find and laugh at all the mere mortals below. The single player campaign is of a decent length and I feel you will get your money's worth with this game I recommend it for some good old Hack and Slash Fun.