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The Puzzle Game With A Difference!

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Craig Stephenson By Craig Stephenson on
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Scribblenauts is quite a unique and brilliant game. It is quite hard to place it in a certain genre but, if you had to pick a genre for this game then it is a puzzle game……..but wait! Come back this puzzle game is different from most boring puzzle games. Where as most puzzle games are quite limited in options, as in usually there is only one answer or one way into solving the puzzle, in scribblenauts the only limit is your imagination……..and spelling.

Another thing about scribblenauts is there isn’t really a story to it, but this really doesn’t affect the fun factor of the game, there have been many games before, with not much of a storyline but great gameplay Super Mario bros anyone? Anyway back to scribblenauts, in the game you play as a kid named Maxwell, now there isn’t anything special about Maxwell himself he doesn’t have any super powers or anything like that, however it’s what Maxwell owns that sets him apart from normal kids. Maxwell owns a magical notebook, which when he writes different words into it, the word he wrote comes out of his notebook so Maxwell can actually use it. So for example write shovel in a shovel will appear, write policeman in the notepad and a policeman will appear, and in fact write almost any kind of object or personal profession in and that object or character will appear!

Even though scribblenauts doesn’t have an in depth story line, it does however have objectives to complete. In order for Maxwell to progress in the game, he has to collect things called starites, which are basically yellow stars. There is one starite per level and all Maxwell has to do is touch it and he claims it! However in order to get the starites in the game, Maxwell has to use his magical notebook in order to solve the puzzles and obstacles in his way in order to get the starite. There are two types of level in scribblenauts, one is the puzzle levels, where Maxwell has to solve a particular puzzle or challenge in order for the starite to appear so Maxwell can grab it. The puzzle maybe something like: give the construction worker help on fixing the house. You then would click on the notepad and type in maybe a hammer, spanner or any other workman tool you can think of, then the tool will appear and you simply give the construction worker the tools then he fixes the house and gives you the starite. The other type of level is the action levels.

In the action levels the starite is somewhere in the level, all Maxwell has to do is get to the starite, with the help of his notebook because the starite could be locked away and a certain switch would be needed to unlock the gate, or the starite could be hanging on a rope and the rope could be hanging over a pool of water with a shark in, and if Maxwell comes close to the starite the rope will automatically snap, and the starite would be eaten by the shark. So Maxwell has to find a way to get the starite safely using his brilliant notebook.

Overall scribblenauts is a fantastic one of a kind puzzle game, the ability to type in different objects or people to help you get the starite is fantastic fun and is really only limited to your imagination. The game recognises most words, apart from copyrighted objects or characters, and of course rude or swear words. The only bad thing about the game is in order to move Maxwell you have to tap the DS stylus in the area you want Maxwell to go, however sometimes you just want to tap the DS screen in order to pick an object or something similar up. Sometimes this leads to Maxwell moving to the area you just tapped, which makes Maxwell’s movements inaccurate when you need him to move slow and steady. But taking this problem into account it isn’t a huge one, the game is still very enjoyable and even has a mode where you can make your own levels and scenes, so have you ever wanted to see who would win in a fight between god and Satan? Well type both of those names in and see who wins!