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The Quickie By James Patterson M. Ledwidge

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My mother and I are very avid fans of the author James Patterson. We have this ritual where we take turns buying and reading his new books and then swapping them. The latest book we have read and swapped is "The Quickie, " which Patterson also wrote with Michael Ledwidge.

From the minute I opened up "The Quickie" I never wanted to put it down, and because of that I pretty much finished the book in about a day and a half. The book was 368 pages, so not really that long when compared to other books, and all of the chapters read very easily and are really short, the most may be four pages front and back; therefore definitely a quick read for just about anyone.

Immediatly as I finished the first chapter I was hooked. I wanted to keep turning the pages and find out what was going to happen. Even though I knew the book wasn't going to run away I didn't want to set it down! "The Quickie" is about a young woman named Lauren who goes to surprise her husband at work one day for a romantic lunch. Unfortunately she winds up finding him going into a hotel with a drop dead gorgeous blond woman. Wanting to get even she has an affair of her own, but it turns deadly when the man she sleeps with ends up dead, the killer her husband! The story really gets all twisted when you find out the woman is a lead homicide detective with NYPD and she ends up being the lead investigator on her lover's death; who actually ends up being an undercover drug cop for NYPD as well!

I was on pins and needles as I anxiously read to find out whether Lauren was going to protect her husband and botch the investigation or turn him in as even more revenge for cheating on her and killing her lover. As the story unfolded there was shock after shock, especially towards the end. I never saw one of the last chapters coming and what unfolded during it, it was a major surprise.

As you can see this book was definitely a page turner for me! James Patterson has outdone himself again with the help of fellow author Michael Ledwidge. For the past couple years or so I have really gotten into his books and have read just about every single one. I have been an avid writer my whole life and after I get done finishing one of his books I always get in the mood to write on my own. He brings out the author in me for sure! I highly doubt I would ever write something as good as him, but I can always try!

So if you like James Patterson, or really just suspense novels in general, "The Quickie" is a book you should check out. You won't be disappointed!