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The Red Box

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By 3robins on
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Our local McDonald's has just installed a "Red Box" dvd rental station. The "box" has a multitude of new movie rentals to choose from. My family and I do not eat at McDonald's often, however, we have become a regular visitors because of the movie rental station. In my opinion, this idea will revolutionize the dvd rental industry!

You pay $1 per day for the dvd of choice with a debit or credit card (sorry, no other option) and may keep the movie for as long as you like. Your credit or debit card will be charged $1 for each day that you keep the movie until you return it. After a month, they will no longer charge your card and the dvd is yours to keep. ( I have never kept a movie that long, but my cousin has once or twice). The best feature is that you can return the dvd to any Red Box location, anywhere. That is a great feature for everyone who has a dvd player in the vehicle.

For my family, we love to rent movies, but our local movie rental store charges $3 for a new release and the movie MUST be returned before 6pm on the third night. If it is returned any later (say at 6:30), they tack on an extra $1.50 for each day late. As you might be able to read between the lines, this happens to us more often than I would like to admit.

Red Box is a convenient and inexpensive way to rent a great movie.