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The Resort

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maryelser By maryelser on
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The Reata is an exclusive resort located in the Arizona desert. Lowell Thurman and his family are staying there for a five day retreat filled fun and relaxation.

Strange things begin to happen right from the start. When they come back from their tour of the grounds on that first day, they find that their rooom had been given to someone else by mistake. They are moved to a bigger and nicer room but things get even stranger.

The Thurman's are not the only people who are staying there that are experiencing strange happenings. Loud parties in empty rooms, hands that aren't really there trying to drag anyone who swims in the gym pool down to the bottom, people acting unlike themselves and much more.

Suddenly, things go from strange to murderous as the guests begin disappearing and the resort starts falling apart. The Thurmans realize they are in danger and must find out the mystery surrounding the Reata before it kills them. But will the truth be more than they can handle?

The Resort was written by Bentley Little. He is a very good author however, I don't like his style of writing. He has been compared to Stephen King but I really don't think so. This book contains too much strong language, raw sex and gore for my liking and although I know that some expect it in a horror book, I would rather read just horror.