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The Rocker

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Zach ODell By Zach ODell on
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This to me is the better version of ''School of Rock''. Not in the sense that they copied School of Rock, but in the sense that they went with a combination of students and an older loser like guy who make a band and try to make it big. The difference is really big due to many reasons. For one, The Rocker is much more interesting and has a much more exciting and bigger and better story than School of Rock had. Secondly, we like the main character more in the sense that were given more of a backstory of what happened to him that caused him to be the way he is today(I'll explain a lot more about this in a minute)and also when hes given a second chance at fame, it gives use a really urge to cheer him on and like him, and his funny antics just help that aspect.

This movie starts off in 1988 where our main character Fish is the drummer of a hair metal band called, '' Vestivus''. There playing a live show and the crowd is estatic. When the show is finished they go back stage. Fish goes to the washroom while a record label representative walks in and tells the other three in the band that they want to sign them but on one condition: that they fire Fish and allow a new drummer to join the band. At first they refuse, but after being offered the chance to open for Whitesnake and a belief that Fish can still stand on his feet, they take the deal and take off. Fish is told that hes fired right after and chases after the other band members in a funny sequence. After swearing that he'll be bigger and more famous than them, we are put forward twenty years later where hes is now a 40 year old loser with a boring job and every second of his life, weither it be an ad, music, or a magazine, the band "Vestivus" is constantly being shoved into his face even dispite that no one knows that he was originally fromt eh band and that hes trying to forget the whole thing, but he can't. His nefue has a band called A.D.D. who are supposed to be playing prom, but their drummer gets grounded and isn't can't play anymore. They try to get other people to fill in for another instrument to make the band complete, but it just doesn't work out, so they have one person that they have to resort to, his uncle. They convince him, they play prom, and during a slow song, Fish lets out metal drum solo that messes up the performance and is kicked out of the band. However a couple days later they make a deal that if Fish can get them a gig, they will let him back in the band. He gets a gig, it goes really well and they make there first fans.

I won't say anymore, but basically all in all, this character has a reason that we can all relate to and it gives us a reason to like him and cheer him on. The fact alone that his dream of becoming big is snatched away from him at the last minute, and twenty lears later he finally gets that second chance again is the main reason to cheer him on and like I said earlier, his halarious antics and other moments just ad to the likeability of his character.

This movie is no "Superbad", but its also not terrible and overall is a good watch. Check this one out. I would probably rent it so you don't pay the expensive ticket and food prices, unless your the type of person like myself who sees a lot of movies in theatres, then I would see it in theatres, but otherwise it makes a really good rental.