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The Second Part The Miracle Acne!

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arriiiee little By arriiiee little on
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This is a review..im not a doctor I'm just telling you what this feels like and what happens

The generic name it is called is: clindamycin topica. This is used to treat REALLY MILD SEVERE acne. Like me very..bad acne it started going all over the place if you read my epiduo review. This is used in the morning for me and it prevents all that bacteria from growing on your skin. My doctor said I could eat anything after puting this on like junk food and stuff.. But just to be safe I still took my normal diet. No junk food, no chips, no bad yucky stuff bad for my face. Just healthy clean food. Like bread, noodles, veggies all that good stuff:D

You need to have a prescription for this too since its so mild.

You have to be patient, yes you seem some results but your acne wont dissappear . dont ever give in.

Always wash your hands before using any of these products.

Ok when I first put it on I was like ohh its foamy, and all the white stuff comes out when you push down. First shake though to get it nice and foamy. Then I washed my face first and I applied it on and I was like *sighh* it feels soo good, I feel this nice tingly feeeling not like OUCH it BURNssss feeling. The feeling of relief that I can go anywhere and not have acne ..growin on my face. Dont you ever get this really warm feeling and then this bump suddenly pops up? I dont get those anymore ever since EVOCLIN came into my life.

I put this on in the morning.

Please please if everything didnt work: like creams, diets, going to the extreme to cure your acne

go to your dermatologist and ask for this and see if you are allowed to try it out. Ask for some samples maybe..before buying it.

If it works you will get this feeling, the feeling of being fresh like a ripe apple just ready to eat and when you eat some chips you wont have anything come up well thats me but I'm just giving you some tips you know?

Everyone is different, dont ever give up on yourself. I mean its skin, its hard to predict what happens sometimesTT.TT