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The Secret

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By vishal pal on
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First of all let me tell you it's a life changing and a thought transforming Video.

I saw “The Secret” in my engineering when I was working on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle project. I saw this video with my team leader. I must say it was one of the best days of my life. I will always be thankful to my friend for making me aware of such an amazing thing.

I had very tough time during my project days. But, when I watched this video, I came to know about the secret of life, the secret of a successful life and a secret for a tension free life. After this dayI worked better than ever I had.

Earlier, I used to see the things happening to me and in my life as the wish of the god and on the default basis, but when I watched “The Secret”, I came to know that whatever happening to me and in my life is solely because of my actions and my thoughts. It’s happening to me only because of my thought process and the orientation of thoughts.

It’s me who has to choose emotions in my life. It’s me who choose happiness or sadness, success or failure. It’s me who has to control the orientation of my thoughts.

"The Secret" tells about the “law of attraction” in one’s life. It tells what is this law and its importance and why one should follow it. It tells about the importance of “ask and it’s given”.

Universe is an infinite source for our dreams and desires. We just have to ask it from the universe and it will be given to us the very next moment. It tells about the secret of making our dreams and desires true by guiding our thought process and without any significant action. There should always be action through your thoughts rather than action through your muscles in anything that you would like to achieve in your life.

The movie emphasizes on the importance of positive thinking in one's life. It discusses about the signs given by one's higher-self during the thought process. It will let you know the secret of being positive and calm always. It will let you know the power of your thoughts.

Speakers in the movie included Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale, John Demartini, and Denis Waitley. Jack Canfield's stories were my favorites because he comes across as very genuine, and his results with the Law of Attraction and Ask and it is Given are truly remarkable.

As I watched the video with my friend, we kept it pausing along the way to discuss it, and I must say every second I kept on realizing that I have been already applying the principles in my life unconsciously. But now, I know “The Secret” of my life, I know how and when to apply it.

I have watched this move more than 20 times till date, and when ever I watch this movie, I feel more and more energetic. I feel better than ever and I find my thoughts better than ever.

I recommend this movie to anyone who wish to make his or her life better than ever in terms of financial, professional, personal, relationships. Let it be anything that you want to achieve in you life, the secret to achieve it is only “The Secret”

It comes at a mere price of 30$ and I must say you will soon realize that you have made the best investment n your life. You can get a book of "The Secret" too.

Go and grab it now!!