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The Secret World Of Johnny Depp

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This biography is probably one of my favourites based on the astounding actor Johnny Depp and is by far the most informative and detailed book about him I have ever read. Over the years I spent most of my time collecting anything and everything to do with Johnny and that included every single book written about him, magazine and newspaper articles included. The Secret World Of Johnny Depp by Nigel Goodall features 403 pages of insightful details about all aspects of Johnny's life and tries it's best to outline the key factors during certain moments throughout. Given the other biographies written about him, I would not grade this as the best out there, but I would definitely suggest it is worth a read. It's correct content is what makes the author admirablefor the few surprises and shocks that occured all those years ago. Personally, I don't blame him for reacting the way that he did and congratulate him for owning up to most of it and offering to resolve the situations with money from his own pocket. If you are a fan of Johnny Depp then this book is well worth reading, moreso if you have only just come across your love for him as it will entrance and capture your attention whilst you're learning more and more about the life he's had.

I will say however that here and there, the information has been picked out through other author's descriptions and opinions on Johnny Depp, his movies and lifestyle choices. Even though this is true, the content seems original in the way that the author has chosen to portray and organise it. It is very well written with the odd mistake now and again regarding the way Johnny felt during certain points throughout his life. That being the only thing I dislike about the book, it's not enough to make you set the book back on the shelf and continue to browse through your local retailer for another. You will more than likely find another Johnny related book that is equally as fantastic and captivating, but you can't let this one escape your grasp as it is essential if you are a huge fan of his. Since I bought the book months ago I have not put it down. Thus far I am not sure exactly how many times I have read it, but know that it's brilliant put together and the photographs included are appropriate given the content, as well as making the book a lot more inviting to readers who enjoy the odd picture whilst reading.