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I'm not. I understand your confusion, as I discovered this completely by accident!


My husband, as some of you may know from my previous fragrance reviews, is a Paco Rabanne man. Well, if I am to stand corrected, a Paco Rabanne or Patchouli man. It was May - many years ago - and I was perusing the stores for the ideal birthday gift for the man in my life - yes, that would be my now husband, when a sudden blast of inspiration shook me and a ray of light from the heavens streamed down, I could have sworn I heard angels singing, but that could have been no more than my vivid imagination (or one too many corny movies). Paco Rabanne.

I remembered enjoying that cologne he wore in our early dating days and knew that he needed a little change away from Patchoulli - my darling hippy! My birthday gift dilema had been put to bed....


Not being one to care for idle conversation when in a moment of divine intervention, I merely asked for the "Paco Rabanne, this one" and pointed to the understated and simple package with the Paco insignia. Yes, it was a female sales clerk, but aren't they all? Seriously, when is the last time you saw a man at any fragrance counter, so I did not feel the need to ask any gender specific Paco questions - it's a masculine cologne....


(don't stop reading - I'm getting there....)

Unwrapping his gift on that lovely day in May, I noticed a look of mild confusion followed by quizical amusement cross my husbands face. "Em, is this for me or YOU?" he smirked... Okay - stupid is not tattooed across my forehead, although this story does not imply any notion that I am actually fairly intelligent, does it? This Eau de Toilette was noticeably missing the words : Por Homme.

Yes, Paco Rabanne has a rather large line of womens perfumes and this was one.


So, I tried it. I liked it and, long, long story made just long - I wore it....


A not overly feminine scent, I enjoy this as it is quite woodsy and not overtly floral - which I can't stand, although it does have a distinct rosewood scent.

It's "notes" (professional perfume conoisseur term thrown in for show...) include:

Top: Bergamot and galbanum

Mid: Ylang ylang and peach

Base: White iris, rosewood and metal.

When first applied, I found it rather overpowering and questioned if I should wash it down slightly, belie ve me, I did not spray much - it is just a strong fragrance. Pleasingly, it calmed to a noticeable but not overwhelming tone after a short period of time and I found that it lasted for several hours before I felt the impulse/need to re-spray. Unlike some perfumes that tend to alter their scent after a couple of hours, this stayed true to it's original, fresh aroma - albeit a less intense version.

IN CLOSING - finally...

I find this a very pleasant, not too "girly" perfume. It's sensual rather than flirty and, although marketed to a younger age bracket (20 somethings), I find it more suited to the 30 and over bracket. It is moderately priced at around $70 to $80 for a 3.4oz bottle and is presented simply, no fancy bottle or packaging, basic, simple sophistication. A classic perfume for a classy lady. (Buy one for your husband by mistake!) Oh, one quick question - why does mens cologne come labelled as Por Homme, for men, yet ladies perfume comes labelled occasionally as Por Elle, for HER?

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