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The Seven Rays By Jessica Bendinger

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This is one book that I was so ecstatic to get. I bought this book when it first came out. I thought it was going to be one of those books that was all sappy and had a typical happy ending. I love those, but this book was the complete opposite. It freaked me out at first and....I loved it!!!! This awesome book is about Elizabeth Ray Micheals better known as Beth. She is living a normal teenage life with her best friend Shirl and graduating from school early. She starts community college and meets Richie Mac, the hot, pretty boy. He invites her to a study group and the others bail on them. They study alone and Richie Mac kisses her and there are sparks. Shortly after this Beth starts seeing these ropes engulfing people and telling her things about them, things she shouldn't know. Then it switches to Richie Mac's point of view and Jessica's description of what happens is out of this world! It is so freaky and appeals to the freak in all of us! It was totally not what I was expecting, but God! was it awesome!! Every time after that when Beth and Richie Mac get close together the electricity between them just sizzles and they can't touch.

After they get over this disappointment, the ropes start to physically assault Beth and they land her in a crazy house. She meets Nessa who I absolutely love and Nessa helps her to reunite with Richie and escape. Her mom tries to set her up and Shirl is not on the good list either. While on the run, Richie Mac and Beth bond even though they can't touch. This group called the 7R1 talk to Richie Mac through in his mind and tell him to take Beth to a hotel and leave her. The news the nun gives him will break your heart. Beth walks all over New York trying to get over her grief and ends up at the church where the nun is. She sends her on a great scavenger hunt that helps Beth find herself and in turn help you find yourself too. This book has capture my heart because it takes total taboo situations and makes you understand that what is different may not be normal, but is always special.